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Looking for contact lenses in Plano, Texas? Our optometrists Doctor Stacy Turner and Doctor Deborah Moon have made it their goal to provide the best vision care and contact lenses to the Plano area. After a comprehensive eye exam, our optical specialists will help you determine which contact lenses are right for you. Our Plano office is fully stocked with a large variety of contact lenses - including hard-to-fit and specialty lenses. Whether you're in Plano, Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, or McKinney, Texas, our contact lens specialists are here to serve you.

Looking for Contact Lenses in Plano, TX?

The contact lens specialists and eye exam team at Lakeside Vision always use the latest in vision care technology - making sure that all your contact lens and optometry needs are met in a way that exceeds your expectations. You will instantly feel welcome in the warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere at our contact lens office in Plano.

Contact Lenses - Plano:

  • Gas Permeable (GP) Contact Lenses:
    • These rigid lenses aren't as popular or well-known as soft lenses, but they offer the advantages of durability, crisp vision and high oxygen permeability.
  • "Hard-to-Fit" Contact Lenses:
    • Challenges such as astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus and dry eyes needn't be a barrier to contact lens wear, but they do require more time and patience.
  • Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism
    • "I can"t wear soft contacts; I have astigmatism." This once-true statement is now simply a myth.

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    For directions to our contact lens center, click on the link below and enter your starting address. Our contact lens office in Plano is only minutes away from Allen, Frisco, Carrollton and McKinney, Texas.

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